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Looking for a component manufacturer?
Check out our Carolinas Chapter membership list for a truss and panel supplier in your area. Associate members of the chapter are listed too and offer many additional products and services.
Searching for education on the industry and its products?
The Carolinas Chapter supports education in the marketplace. Contact us to discuss possible seminars and check out the online Truss Technology Workshops.
2012 NC Residential Code
The NC Building Inspectors Association has developed a brochure on the new energy requirements of the 2012 NC Residential Code. This includes sections for Climate Zone 3, Climate Zone 4 and Climate Zone 5. If you have any questions, please contact SBCA staff.

Prescriptive Tables
Selection of support elements for use with structures subject to roof snow loads. The tables are based on, and intended for use with, the 2018 North Carolina Residential Code.

News & Events

Let us know if you have a question or would like to attend the next meeting of the Carolinas Chapter!

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